Eight Things You Realize Only After You’ve Left the Narcissist in Your Life

While we’re in it, it’s difficult to see all of this and even immediately afterward, when we’re still putting together the pieces of what happened, it’s not easy to understand. With time, however, as the relationship begins to fade in the distance, there are some realizations that begin to rise to the surface and empower us as our own consciousness comes back around to take control again.

The Things You Either Won’t Know or Believe at First, But That Will Sink in Later

1. Yes, it was as bad as you thought it was.

There were many times during the relationship when you likely had abuse amnesia, a dangerous form of psychological denial that our brains use to protect us from a situation we aren’t able to leave because of the connection the narcissist had formed to us.

Even after the relationship ends, there may at first be times when you will look back and wonder if it was as bad for you as your desperation was screaming at times.

Yes.  It was.

As you pass further in time from the relationship, it will feel more like a dream than a reality.  Instead of wondering if it was as bad as you thought it was, you will begin to wonder how you let it go on as long as you did.

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