Dear Mom of a Child with High Functioning Autism

You won’t be perfect, that’s a guarantee. But it’s hard to not try to make it perfect when it’s your child at stake. And then to not feel guilty when something fails.

Your child may be in therapy. Your child may be on medication. Your child may be on a natural supplement regimen and have dietary restrictions. There’s so many options you might be doing with your child, and often times, you use a combination.

People don’t realize just how gut-wrenching it is to put your child on medication. They judge and say “Oh you went the ‘easy’ route.” But that is the farthest thing from the truth.

They have no idea how much you agonized about putting your son on meds. How you watched him struggle so and it just broke your heart that other things weren’t helping. How medication was a last resort, but you had to do something to help.

So you finally agreed to meds, but the battle wasn’t over. The right medication had to be found. That required you making careful lists of symptoms to report back to the doctor and many trials and errors. There were dosage changes. And side effects. Even now, you aren’t 100% certain this is the right med for your child, because very rarely is there a magic pill that people seem to think exists.

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