Dear Mom of a Child with High Functioning Autism

Medication is not the easy route.

Or you may have chosen a natural route. This might involve supplements your child needs to take daily (something he isn’t very fond of, creating yet another daily challenge). And there many be diet changes, perhaps a gluten free, dairy free diet, which is a lot of work, time-consuming, and expensive.

There are some days when you just want to quit.

But you love your child so much and would do just about anything for him or her. You so badly want your child to succeed in life!

You worry that you aren’t doing enough. But you can barely handle what you are already doing.

Your heart breaks for him when he is struggling and you rejoice when he has a victory. You inwardly cry with her when she is teased or rejected by other children (and also fume and make all sorts of inward threats to the “evil” child who hurt your own). And you are beyond thrilled when you finally see him making a friend.

People take for granted things that amaze you. When your child acknowledges your feelings or volunteers a hug, you find yourself giddy with joy!

It can be very lonely to have a child with autism. You can’t just go on a playdate with another mom and her children because you don’t know what your child will do. And while unfortunately there are more children diagnosed with autism today than ever before, you don’t have the connections everyone seems to think you have with the autistic community. You don’t have access to support from other moms who understand.

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