Myasthenia Gravis Has Changed Everything

I was admitted to my local hospital and had many tests that did not reveal any answers to explain the myriad of symptoms I was experiencing. I was seen by the neurologist on call at the hospital who told me he had no idea what was wrong with me and quite frankly he made it clear that if more tests continued to come back negative, that meant it was all in my head!
I remember the feeling of despair that a doctor refused to believe me, that he dismissed me!

I was discharged to a rehab facility where I received OT, PT and speech therapy. I couldn’t do anything for myself without help. I feared for my future. I did receive advice at the rehab center that looking back probably saved my life. I was told to find a research hospital and a specialist who may help me with a diagnosis. I did just that, however the wait time for a new patient was significant so I returned home with therapists visiting me helping me to use my walker and adjust to the normal daily living skills that we all depend on.

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