Myasthenia Gravis Has Changed Everything

I had a follow up appointment with the neurologist that had seen me at the hospital. I told him I was waiting to see a specialist at USF in Tampa. He made a call to my new specialist from his office and still claimed he had no idea what was wrong with me, if anything at all!! A few days later he called me and said he spoke with the specialist I was waiting to see and she wanted me to start on Mestinon while I waited to see her as she suspected Myasthenia Gravis. He proceeded to tell me that he believed I did not have MG and did not approve of giving me the medication but complied at her request.

It was then that I started reading about Myasthenia Gravis and everything came full circle. There it was, in print, all my symptoms!! I took the medication and it helped but there was no dramatic change.

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