10 Crohn’s Disease Symptoms, From Diarrhea to Beyond

2. Bloody poop

No one likes looking into the toilet bowl and seeing blood, but this can be a reality for people with Crohn’s. The illness can cause open sores (ulcers) anywhere in your digestive tract, the Mayo Clinicsays. Unfortunately, those ulcers can bleed, causing bloody poop, Dr. Farhadi says. This is one of many reasons why you might see blood in your poop, which is always something to bring up to your doctor, even though it’s not always a sign of something this serious. But when accompanied by other symptoms on this list, it’s a clear red flag that something’s up with your gut.

3. Stomach pain and cramping

So, remember how that inflammation can make your intestines go way overboard with cramping? That can introduce a ton of pain into your life. Also, people with Crohn’s may eventually experience scarring and narrowing of their intestinal walls (known as intestinal strictures). “This causes pain and bloating because the stool has a hard time getting through,” Dr. Philpott says.

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