The 23 Worst Symptoms of Autoimmune Disease We Don’t Talk About (and How to Cope)

If you have an autoimmune disease, you’ve likely spent a lot of time talking about the “major” symptoms of your specific disease(s) with your doctors, and even perhaps friends and family. But autoimmune diseases and the symptoms they cause are wide-reaching and can affect your entire body (and mind) in ways that aren’t often discussed. For example, perhaps your doctor doesn’t ask you about how your illness affects your mental health, or maybe in your research about your illness, you didn’t come across anything about fatigue and how challenging it can be.

However, even if some of your challenging symptoms aren’t talked about much, that doesn’t mean you’re the only one dealing with them. We wanted to bring the tough (but often hidden) autoimmune disease symptoms to light, so we asked our community to share the worst symptom of autoimmune disease they experience that isn’t talked about — and how to cope with it.

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