8 Years of Eczema Treated in Days With a Few Simple Tricks

“As the mother of a 9 year-old little girl that has severe (like 3rd degree burnsevere) eczema, and has since she was 18 months old- I would like to thank you.

We have probably spent in total about $25,000 in doctor appointments, steroids, lotions, creams, bath soak, special soaps, testing, special diets, etc. If it exists, we have tried it!

The last doctor we saw actually suggested chemotherapy for her eczema.”

How This Mother Changed Her Daughter’s Life

We just hate to hear when a kid suffers from a skin condition. The last thing they should be worrying about is a chronic condition preventing them from experiencing life. So you can image how moving this success story was for us.

She has been repeatedly made fun of at school and has basically lived the last 8 years in pain. She woke up this morning smiling and couldn’t wait to show me her legs and how they aren’t blistered today!

“I write this with tears rolling down my face because I have never seen my baby girl sleep peacefully until now.”

These results sound miraculous, and they are. But success can be achieved by most people if they know a few simple tips to treating their damaged skin.

Let’s dive into the tips this mother took to change her daughter’s life.

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