Six Helpful Hints for People Taking Glaucoma Medication

There are many reasons people with glaucoma may struggle to adhere to their treatment schedule, including forgetfulness, difficulty taking eye drops and unique circumstances. But for every unique circumstance, there is an equally unique solution. Here are six tips to help you overcome glaucoma medication challenges:

1. Be honest with your ophthalmologist about your medication difficulties

Missed a dose? It may not seem to matter much, but research shows that skipping doses can cause your glaucoma to become more severe. Be candid with your ophthalmologist about any problems you face in taking your medicine regularly, and ask about the best way to make up for a missed dose. The more you tell your doctor, the better he or she can help you find ways to customize your treatment plan to make it more manageable for your lifestyle.

2. Ask for help from health professionals and loved ones

It can be difficult to keep track of which meds to take and when. Talk with your ophthalmologist or pharmacist about your medications, their impact and possible side effects. Also, use the buddy system and tell your friends, family and caregivers about your condition and treatments. Consider taking a loved one or caregiver with you to your ophthalmology appointments, so they can help you follow your treatment plan when you’re at home. They may also be able to help you apply your eye drops at home.

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