World Diabetes Day: Why a Ketogenic Diet May Be Ideal for You

Weight loss wearing you down? Feeling low on energy and demotivated? Blood sugar out of control? We may have just the solution for you, and you don’t even need to read about it on the back of an auto rickshaw. Among the many, many, many diet plans that flow through our social media and news feeds, terms like ‘Ketosis’, ‘Ketogenic diet’ or simply ‘keto’ (all with hashtags) have been generating a lot of buzz. Celebrities love it as do diabetics, and diabetic celebrities really love it.

Intriguingly, the ketogenic or keto diet in its present form was formulated during the early 1900s’ as a natural (drug-free) means of treating epilepsy, but was soon found to have a positive impact on chronic conditions as varied as Type 2 Diabetes, Alzheimer’s Disease and irregular levels of cholesterol and blood pressure. Indeed, the low/no-carb diet is a favorite treatment to help control sugar levels in diabetes.

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