My Daughter Has Bipolar, And This Is Why I’ve Kept It A Secret From You

We are friends. We are the kind of friends who go out for manicures if we have a few spare minutes before pickup, or as couples, and also as families with the kids to places like the trampoline place or dinner or even that one time we went to a water park all together for a long weekend.

And we have fun together – even when the the kids are being a pain in the ass as they are contractually obligated to be for a certain percentage of the time. Your kids like my kids—they all have fun together. You see how silly and affectionate my son is and how bright and sweet my daughter is.

But then there are all of our seemingly strange restrictions and early bedtimes and demurred plans because we try to explain to you that our kids—and our daughter in particular— “isn’t up for that” or “needs to be in bed early” or doesn’t want to go to the annual Labor Day carnival because she says it’s “too loud” for her.

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