9 Life Lessons We Can Learn From People With Bipolar Disorder

People in our lives who have bipolar disorder can be valuable teachers from whom we can learn a lot about ourselves. One bphope.com reader shares his experiences of life through a lens of highs and lows from his son:

#1 Brutal honesty

“To a person with heightened bipolar sensitivities, they will react strongly to even the slightest hint of edginess, pressure, or criticism—so hearing even a hint of disapproval or unsolicited advice can feel like a sledgehammer pounding on delicate nerve endings.” And they won’t hesitate to point out your impatience. Learning from this can result in being more patient, a better listener and a more balanced person in all areas of your life.

#2 Connecting with someone who understands extremes

“Most people have an emotional thermostat that is boringly narrow. They never experience the highest highs or the lowest lows. Yet if you’re exploring life with someone who has a bipolar bandwidth of emotion, it can help you break out of your cautious narrowness, allowing you to be blessed with far more spontaneous, creative moments.

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