Solutions for Parkinson’s Disease

Healthy Steps: Parkinson’s Disease—First Steps

For the greatest health improvement with the fewest steps, do the following:

  • Follow a ketogenic diet. What if eating differently could reduce Parkinson’s symptoms by 43% within 28 days? Those were the results of a published clinical trial, reviewed here(link is external). If thinking about rewinding the clock to lose 43% of your symptoms is exciting, it’s time to learn about the ketogenic diet. My weight loss diet is essentially a ketogenic diet, although I recommend working with an experienced health care practitioner if this is far afield from your normal diet: some of the changes can be quite dramatic, both uncomfortable (usually temporary) and pleasing.
  • Eliminate chemical exposures as much as possible. Filter your drinking and bathing water, stay away from agricultural and gardening chemicals, and
  • Pure Encapsulations Cod Liver Oil, 1 teaspoon, or Barlean’s Fish Oil, 1 tablespoon daily.

Healthy Steps: Parkinson’s Disease—Full Program

A comprehensive program involves many areas in which action steps can be taken, gradually or all at once. You will be your own most valuable health manager. Some of the suggestions below include flexibility: balance gentleness and honesty with yourself!

Start by following the basic nutrition and healthy lifestyle guidelines, with the following modifications:

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