13 ‘Harmless’ Comments That Actually Hurt People With Bipolar Disorder

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It’s common for those who don’t understand bipolar disorder (and any other type ofmental health struggle) to say the wrong thing sometimes.

Sure, these kinds of comments usually come from a place of ignorance rather than malicious intent, but does that make them OK? Does that mean they hurt any less, or do they still make us question our value to the ones who said them? And what about comments that are clearly meant to be malicious?

Regardless of intent, these comments can be raw, hurtful jabs at the hardest part of someone’s life, and so it’s important to discuss them openly in the interest of both education and advocacy. We asked our bipolar disorder and mental health communities for the “harmless” comments people say to them that actually really hurt. Chances are, you’ve heard some or all of these below.

If you have, please know they are so far from the mark. From well-meaning attempts to comfort to the outright invalidation of a bipolar diagnosis, you aren’t alone. Your bipolar disorder does not define you, and it’s time for people to realize the power behind their words.

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