Finding the River of Life in Parkinson’s Disease

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I spent several moments of my day at the water’s edge, sitting on a rock and watching the sunset, thinking about different things, or waiting for my dad’s boat to come around the corner. As I sat there, I wondered why I had felt so dry lately. I had been craving to be filled up, drenched with the spirit of God. Then I realized: Sometimes the dry times are when I find more of God. The times when I feel withered and run out of juice. The times when there is absolutely nothing I can do to get filled up, except to rest in Him and trust Him to bring me through that very empty and very lonely place and into a place of spiritual abundance.

It is often suggested that when writers are in the throes of writer’s block, the best thing to do is just to keep writing, regardless of emotional capacity. Get something on paper. Eventually, writers get back in the saddle to write once again. 

Walking through spiritual deserts is similar. I must keep putting one foot in front of the other, knowing that it won’t be an oasis I’ll find in one of my tomorrows, but eventually, I will find the river of life. How much more refreshing is a river or body of water after having just come from the desert? How much more it is appreciated! It is a river where a person can be drenched with cool, dripping water that saturates the dry places and leaves one refreshed.

If in a “dry” place today, for whatever reason, keep walking the path of this journey He has set. A refreshing river may be just around the corner where God is waiting to refresh spirits.

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