The 9 Worst Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder We Don’t Talk About

When you hear the words “bipolar disorder,” what do you think? Do you think of mood swings, instability, “split personalities” or any number of the other misconceptions and stigmas surrounding the disorder? Do you imagine the soaring highs of mania and the crushing lows of depression, and never knowing when one will become the other?

Or, do you think of the parts nobody ever talks about — the symptoms that those living with bipolar struggle keep in secret for fear of judgment or misunderstanding? Bipolar disorder is tough to deal with no matter how you look at it, but we wanted to talk to our mental health community about what they consider to be the “worst” symptoms they face and never speak about openly. We’re not saying bipolar disorder is all bad; rather, there are some aspects that can be particularly difficult for those living with it.

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